So it be election day

I kind of just want to make a point of saying this before the polls close and results start coming in, when it may just look all sour-grapes or whatever…

I don’t think this referendum has a chance in hell of passing, and that pains me to no end. I don’t think the general public had any understanding of the issues at stake, why the question was being asked in the first place, or even, in many cases, what the hell “MMP” stands for, let alone means. There’s an irony in the fact that an attempt to address voter disenfranchisement and apathy has to get past voter apathy in order to succeed, and if I get time, there’s a longer post trying to emerge from my brain on the subject of the unsexy and yet super important nature of the major issues involved in this election.

It did give me a warm fuzzy feeling, however, to be able to cast a vote for

  • an NDP incumbent with an extremely good chance of being re-elected
  • a woman with a strong record of supporting and advancing anti-violence and anti-poverty causes
  • somebody who I actually trust to represent and remember the interests of her community

…and oh my God, just as a side note, this election is making me realize just how solidly I’m now a Hamiltonian. And that scares me.


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