I’m certainly not Wondering

No, apparently I can feel more specifically pissed of at what they’ve done to Wonder Woman, even as I thought all those depths had been plumbed via Amazons Attack. Wonder Woman is saying this, people:

…The attack on Patriarch’s world, the war, and all the ensuing death and destruction. A twisted show of maternal love…I must NOT allow my anger and sorrow and bitterness cloud my judgment

Of course you shouldn’t. Patriarch’s world is just fine the way it is. Good girls are quiet and listen. They help when they’re asked, and they wait patiently for the boys to get around to their concerns. All those emotional reactions are completely inappropriate, and they cause you to lose sight of what matters. We know the world isn’t perfect, but you certainly wouldn’t want to make a scene about it–it’s unbecoming, and remember, when you have in the past, that’s when people have started suffering.

You’re much better off nurturing, creating. Stirring up trouble, trying to be like the male heroes, you just cause trouble. Mother-like, peaceful. Work with that. Of course it’s strong and heroic, too. This is just your burden to bear. Now run along, dear.

Wonder of wonders, this Patriarch’s world.

I know I’m saying a grand total of nothing unique, so obvious is this schtick, but damn. Sometimes having my own snark just feels good, you know?


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