Fellow Language Lover Does Not Find This Appreciable

This link was posted by somebody on my Facebook friends list with the comment “Appreciable by my fellow language lovers”. I would consider myself quite the language lover, and would cite the letters after my name accompanying the word “Linguistics” as evidence of that. I would also note that as a language lover, I find the phrase “appreciable by” pretty flipping stupid, actually, especially since it doesn’t actually mean what you think it means, fellow language-lover

But that phrase is pretty much in the same vein as this “Ebonics translation competition” link–“love of language” equated with a bullshit condescending attitude of superiority and praise of big words, convoluted phrasing and prescriptive grammar. More of the same trite “What’s the world coming to” and “Kids these days” except with a nice, racist bow on top. Not new. Not funny. Not “appreciable” (well, actually, totally “appreciable” just not in any way something I appreciate).
If there really is a high school including this question on the curriculum, complete with the use of the blatantly racist term “Ebonics”, then I’m again saddened by the state of this world we live in. Even if it’s just some moron on the internet getting a kick out of saying, yet again, in oh-so-humourous fashion, that black people are too stupid to use the right words and gee, doesn’t this make it obvious that the kinds of things they talk about are silly and vapid, then it pisses me off.

Disclaimer: I think the lyrics of that song are horrifying and misogynistic. That doesn’t mean we have to resort to racist bullshit to deconstruct it (if, in fact, that were even being done here on any level).

Disclaimer #2: I’m particular about language. I know that. I’m downright pedantic, in fact. This is different. Actually, I must admit, nothing pleases me more than the opportunity to get pedantic on some asshole who is being condescendingly pedantic himself. I kind of wish I were enough of a bitch to bother posting a link to this as a comment on that Facebook entry, but…I’m not.


2 thoughts on “Fellow Language Lover Does Not Find This Appreciable

  1. baby221 says:

    Unfortunately, that wouldn’t surprise me at all to discover it was a “real” assignment — especially if it came out of the Midwest. Ugh.

  2. purtek says:

    It was apparently in Oakland. From what I understand of Oakland demographics, the “ugh” factor gets bigger, to my mind.

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