For Future Reference…

I’ve had this article open in a tab for a couple of days now, not quite able to figure out exactly what I want to say about it. In all honesty, an article entitled “I’m a FEMALE male chauvinist–and proud of it!” kind of speaks for itself, but part of me was trying to find a slightly funnier way of marveling at the fact that she really thinks she’s being radical, when the only thing unique about her is a slightly above average level of self-awareness.  At least she recognizes that her sexist bullshit is sexist, if not that it’s bullshit.

So in order to let myself close the tab without having that link fall into the bookmark folder of no return, let me just link it here for a future reference point in all those discussions in which some variant on the phrase “I’m a woman and *I* don’t think that’s sexist, therefore you’re just crazy” comes up. And highlight the following passage:

[My position] is one that is sincerely felt and which has become increasingly apparent to me as more women advance into professions that were once the sole preserve of men.

So am I being treacherously disloyal to my own sex? Well, before the braburners start hurling the embers of their lingerie at me, you need only to take a long look at the world at large to realise my latent male chauvinism isn’t operating in isolation.

God, I love it when they make our arguments for us. Leaving aside the stereotype-baiting and the essentially meaningless rhetorical question, we can find solid common ground in recognizing that this “latent” sexism is caused by forces much larger than the individual, has an impact beyond the relative irrelevance of what some lady on a plane feels like when turbulence hits, and that this kind of attitude is rampant. Welcome to 1973.

I have a legitimate argument festering in my brain about the point that “this is sincerely felt”–a statement that is often raised in conversations, especially among feminists/other anti-oppression types who talk a lot about validating personal experiences, in order to justify saying offensive things. The weekend approaches, and unlike most of the rest of the world, that’s generally when I get/take real thinking time. Bate breath accordingly.


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