Stupid Racist Headline of the Day

Oh, Hamilton Spectator. When my expectations drop, you never fail to get worse in order to lower yourself to meet them.

This is the headline at the top of the front page of today’s issue:

Six Nations reaps bonanza in fees

Even before reading the article, this says to me: look at those greedy Indians, at it again. By now, they’re all just rolling in money, and they’re never going to stop asking for more of your hard-earned tax dollars. Residents of Ancaster–are you listening?

And even before reading the article, I know that whatever amount of money we’re talking about, it’s far from a windfall given the economic conditions at Six Nations, and even further given all of the ongoing and historical abuses we could be discussing. But when you read it, you learn that the amount of money we’re talking about is actually $70,000 total. Which, if it were being given to one individual, would maybe constitute a “bonanza”, but even then it’s debatable if we were talking about someone that was being repaid money that had been stolen from them and kept for decades previously. Since we’re talking about a community of thousands of individuals who not only have to support themselves but also maintain and develop infrastructure…

Yeah. “Bonanza”. Might as well have won the damn lottery. And that part is the only thing most people are going to read, especially walking by a newstand.

What is wrong with these people?


2 thoughts on “Stupid Racist Headline of the Day

  1. Oliver Jones says:

    If we recognize how completely archaic the word ‘bonaza’ is, it might diffuse the absurdity of article? One would have to adjust the ‘bonaza’ for inflation to compensate for the lapse between now and when the word fell out of use in 1840.

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