Carnivals are a blessing and a curse, in my world. Mostly, they just make me want to read *more stuff* and then I find posts from great blogs that I want to read *more later* and then they also make me realize how everything I could possibly want to say is being said by others, only better and faster and funnier.

And then I’m grateful for that little dose of much-needed humility, in carnival form.

Two new ones up in the past couple of days:

The first ever Feminist Carnival of Sexual Freedom and Autonomy at Uncool

and the 44th Carnival Against Sexual Violence at, as usual, abyss2hope (honestly, that woman has far more stamina/stomach for this stuff than I can even imagine, and for that the world is a far better place).

I think those titles go nicely together: Good = sexual freedom and autonomy. Bad = not.

There’s a post of mine included in the latter  that one, which I didn’t actually submit myself, and that only scares me a little (seriously, every so often I have these little “oh shit” moments where I realize I’m actually on the *internet* and people *read that*).


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