Female Desire Week: Post Stanley Cup Edition

Renegade Evolution has declared it “Female Desire Week” in response to a question from Laura at the F-word. I want to respond a little bit more to the question asked there later, but for now, I have no interest in being think-y, like, at all.

Me, I’ll bring out the hockey fan persona that I’ve thus far kept hidden from this blog. Now, even though this is FD week and all, I’m still a little bit hesitant to talk like this, because on the one hand, we girls aren’t supposed to be able to appreciate the male flesh, but on the other, we’re not supposed to be able to follow a puck around the ice because our boobs get in the way or something. So just to be clear, I do love me some hockey for hockey’s sake, and I will get into a long debate with you about the relative merits of the salary cap or exactly why it is that I’m pissed that Marian Hossa decided to go and score 12 goals during this year’s playoffs, but I will also fully acknowledge that while I’m watching these guys hit each other into the boards, I’m seriously contemplating how they might translate that energy in *my* direction.

Ahem. So, pictures…

In honour of the Cup winners (however disappointing I think it is) and the Conn Smythe holder:

I remember catching a glimpse of Zetterberg, Datsyuk and I think Lidstrom kicking a soccer ball around before a game in the tunnels at the ACC a couple of years ago, wearing…not very much at all. It’s not an image I’ve been able to shake.

Mike Fisher (there are far too few good shots of this guy…and essentially none of Alfredsson…seriously, is nobody else watching the games I’m watching? But…oh, the smile):

Ryan Getzlaf:

I do wish this one didn’t make me feel so very, very old:

Sidney Crosby GQ photo

Never been a Federov fan, but…

Sergei Fedorov

…and Souray

Sheldon Souray

…now picture them shoving each other into boards.

9 thoughts on “Female Desire Week: Post Stanley Cup Edition

  1. Bob Crispen says:

    Just because the last game is over doesn’t mean it’s over. I’m not making any decisions now because you have taken my hand, shaken my arm and encouraged me to keep going…

    So, Pens forever!

  2. Sarah J says:

    You and I definitely have the same taste in men. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’ve got all sorts of hockey love at my blog. and I plan on putting more up today.

  3. purtek says:

    Excellent, Sarah J. I will check out the hockey love. (As a sidebar, I’ve had a long term crush on Wade Redden, whom I regularly refer to as my “hockey boyfriend”, but damned if there are any pictures that capture *his* cuteness, either, so just thought I’d throw that out there).

    Bob Crispen – I can feel for you. I crawled into a hole after last year’s…disappointment, not wanting to talk to *anyone*

  4. Sarah J says:

    Alex Tanguay is my main man, but it is next to impossible to find good pics of him to objectify, while nearly everyone seems to agree that Vinny Lecavalier is The Sex. (I do too, but I digress).

    Yeah, my male friends find watching games with me hilarious because I will switch from yelling at the goalie or drooling over a sweet drop pass to “damn, he’s hot.” I can appreciate the hot and the hockey at the same time–and that’s what makes it so much more fun.

  5. purtek says:

    That is *exactly* what happens with me and male friends watching hockey. Plus a great deal of mockery.

    Too bad you don’t live in my neighbourhood. I suspect we’d make a good pair. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. None of these guys do it for me, though Federov did when he was younger. Hmm, now to dig out my own specimens…

    Mr. C. finds my blatant drooling almost as amusing as my tendency to swear at the refs when they make a bad call.

  7. […] here’s Purtek on hockey players. because on the one hand, we girls arenโ€™t supposed to be able to appreciate the male flesh, but […]

  8. purtek says:

    S’all good Cassanda. I think Sarah J and I have these guys covered in drool already, and they could use a break. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I don’t tend to swear at the refs, but I do yell (and oh, do I swear) at the boys when they make a bad play, which is also the source of much amusement. What can I say, hockey brings out the passionate side of me.

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