An Obvious Question

A couple of weeks ago, the Carnival of Feminists came out with an edition that included an incredibly (and insanely obviously) transphobic post. The comments thread, including the pingback links, features a lot of people working really hard to explain the basics of “Not Being an Asshole” to others, and (predictably) a lot of other people doing their damnedest not to learn. little light pretty much covers the point of the issue wrt the carnival itself:

 I know it’s awfully hard work and all, but it seems to me that if your hard work doesn’t manage to filter out baldfaced, seething, unadulterated bigotry, then maybe it deserves a little questioning. You don’t knife someone in the gut and say, “Sorry, officer, it’s just really hard work to pay attention to where other people are,” and not expect a raised eyebrow.

Like I said, several people put a ton of time and energy into explaining just why, exactly, the original post is so goddamn painfully offensive and, again, some more, how the attitude of some feminists toward transpersons is, to put it mildly, fucked up. But that whole conversation centered so much around this notion that this isn’t actually a hateful position, see, it’s just a difference of opinion based on the firmly held belief that gender is a construction/inherently oppressive/a figment of your imagination which must be eradicated in order that we will have our utopia…and I couldn’t help but see the track repeating in my head of Stephen Colbert’s rather brilliant mockery of the bullshit racism of the “colourblind” concept.

So my obvious question, I suppose, is twofold – first, is it too much to ask these feminists to understand this connection, and why it is inherently offensive? And second, could I get some Stephen Colbert juice injected into my brain so that I could find the proper way to mock this dynamic? (“Now, I don’t see gender – people tell me I’m female, and I believe them, because…”)


2 thoughts on “An Obvious Question

  1. Renee says:

    The link was removed before I could read it but from everything that I have heard it was a vile piece of trans hate. What never ceases to amaze me is why some people cannot get it through their thick heads that they will never achieve justice for themselves if they advocate hate towards others.

  2. purtek says:

    It really was vile. I have to admit that I kind of hope it never does cease to amaze me, because I figure that if I were to start seeing this stuff as inevitable, it would imply the death of my soul.

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