Update: Carnival for Progressive Christians

Just a quick note to say that the first edition of Carnival for Progressive Christians – initiated and ably organized to this point by Philomela – will be moving over here. Since it’s been a while since the original call for submissions, I thought I’d give a short second chance – if anyone has anything, new or old, they’d like to submit to the carnival (particularly on the theme of community), if you can get it to me by Friday, I’ll see what I can do. Since I’m new to this carnival hosting thing, send the links by email to asecretpurtek[at]gmail[dot]com (which yes, I’m now checking regularly, though I didn’t for a long while) and I’ll work from there.

I spent the weekend away with a group of people from my church in a context I honestly never thought I’d find myself, and am currently feeling so spiritually energized and renewed, particularly from the experience of community, so I’m really excited to share some thoughts and ideas on that theme and to see what other people are thinking about it (I haven’t had much chance yet to read the already submitted links). I may have to write yet another entry my own self before putting the thing up, actually, which is an excellent reason to submit your own, so as to avoid having the thing become too Purtek-heavy.


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