This Shouldn’t Need to be Said

Lisa at Questioning Transphobia:

look at that – Andrade says “he killed it.” Not “he killed her” or even “he killed him,” but “it.” It is a pronoun typically used to describe inanimate objects, and is used against people to dehumanize them, to strip them of their personhood.

But also, Andrade assaulted Zapata physically – he grabbed for her genitals because she wouldn’t tell him that she was trans. He obviously felt entitled to handle her body as he saw fit. What would have happened if she hadn’t been trans, or had previously had surgery? It’d be sexual assault. It still is sexual assault, followed immediately by a brutal murder.

See, this is why I don’t know where to start in a conversation with people who are just so uncomfortable with not quite knowing what pronouns to use, or who get all wrapped up in the importance of bathrooms that have stalls and walls and locks and everything, or who ask, in all seriousness, whether it’s politically okay just to “let” anyone who says she’s a woman be a woman.

For fuck’s sake, Battlestar Galactica understands the relevance of the “it” pronoun when it comes to humanizing and dehumanizing characters. This shouldn’t need to be said.


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