The Business Post

As may already be apparent, my internet presence is going to be decreasing rather significantly for the next several months. I’ve just started back at grad school, working on an intense one-year MA program and hoping that *this time* I’ll actually follow this path through to where I had wanted it to go five years ago, which is, of course, into that black hole known as an academic career. At the same time, I’m keeping the part-time job I’ve been working at for the past several months, which includes anywhere from 14 to 28 hours of work a week, not to mention shift work that will make sleep a “when I can get it” commodity. The time I devote to spiritual activities and growth is also not really negotiable, and though I’ve already reduced my volunteer/service type work in real life, I can’t justify reducing it by much more.

In the something’s gotta give equation, the internet it is. Since my school-related reading is already seriously exciting me, I’ll likely drop a post engaging with some of those ideas every so often (in fact, I intend to do so immediately after I finish writing this up), but other than that, I expect to be pretty much on hiatus from bloglandia for the bulk of this year.

Which sucks, because I’ve come to think of a lot of you who drop in here, and whose blogs I read (whether I comment or not) as friends. I guess that’s why I figured I should post this, rather than simply disappearing without notice. On the plus side, real life has gotten *really* exciting, in a totally positive way (for once).


4 thoughts on “The Business Post

  1. hysperia says:

    Best of luck to you purtek. And just as I was getting to know you! I hope you’ll leave a post every now and again.


  2. purtek says:

    Thanks hysperia – I did notice your comment on my “About Purtek” post and was going to thank you for it, but…time crunch hit early.

  3. Jay says:

    No worries about having to drop off for a while…I think most of us have been there, at one time or another.

    Good luck with real life…we’ll see you when we see you, and I’ll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

  4. churmursounds says:

    Good luck Purtek!

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