Revisited, Again.

Again I hit a point where life made blogging essentially untenable. Again I have come to find that I miss it and want to try to make it work between me and the internet. Again I am likely to fail – whatever that means – though this time I hope to force myself into some kind of a scheduled structure that will motivate production.

My main motivation for this is actually to help siphon some thoughts out of my head and create some space and order for dissertation writing. A lot of my posts are likely to revolve around themes related to said dissertation and language/linguistic anthropology more generally.

I will be posting an updated description of who I am and what this blog is about, because that information has seen some major changes. I thought about starting over with a new blog and a shiny new internet identity, but as I struggled to come up with something, I started skimming these old posts and just felt…at home. So I decided to run with that, and see what happens.

And here we are.


2 thoughts on “Revisited, Again.

  1. kisekileia says:

    How do I find the description of who you are and what this blog is about? I can’t find a link that takes me there.

    • purtek says:

      Good question…I had an “about” page using the old theme that I had, which I had intended to update. I need to take the time to figure out the new theme though, cause the pages weren’t auto transferred. And I have been rather pathetic about that whole process, not finding the time and whatnot. Something will happen soon, I promise!

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