…and you are?

Take this as a general space to say hello.

Who are you? How’d you get here? I want to know, especially if I know you in real life but am unaware that you’re checking up on the virtual version of me.

Got some general information for me, but can’t find my email address (which is because as yet, I’m avoiding putting one up here you haven’t looked far enough to find it yet)? Here will do. (If you *do* want to email me, use: asecretpurtek[at]gmail[dot]com).

Want to say something that doesn’t really pertain to a specific post? Constructive criticism is welcome, positive feedback even more so. Not so much out-and-out hostility and dismissiveness, but being mainly invisible means I don’t have to deal with much of that, and I’m hopeful it will stay that way.


18 thoughts on “…and you are?

  1. belledame222 says:

    Hey, purtek, just wanted to say, liking what you’ve been having to say. and yeah, was looking for an email address; can you drop me a line? bel4 AT earthlink DOT net.

  2. Philomela says:

    love your blog, gives me a space to breathe and think in.

  3. purtek says:

    Philomela – thank you. I must admit, I’m surprised by the “breathe” factor. I guess I just never find myself that relaxing. šŸ™‚

  4. Jay says:

    Can’t believe I never noticed this before…

    You know who I am, naturally. Mainly just wanted to say…

    –how much I like your little space here where I can talk reasonably with people (and learn from them)…the world needs more places like this, and people like you.

    –how much I appreciate your willingness to talk, teach, and discuss, especially about things that normally make people shout insults and froth at the mouth.

    –how much I am grateful for your being a friend to me, when you had no particular reason to be.

    –how I like, respect, and admire you.

    –that my door (metaphorically speaking) is always open, if you ever wanted to talk about something in a not-so-public fashion, or that is more specific.

  5. purtek says:

    It’s relatively new, don’t worry. šŸ™‚

    But also…aw, dammit, you made me tear up, *just a little*. Thank you for saying this, all of it, and I really appreciate the virtual door-opening. The compliments could easily be returned in kind, but I could kind of summarize them with the comment that if I had no reason to be a friend to you than I’ve never had reason to be a friend to anyone, since my interactions with you have been nothing but positive for me.

  6. passthatdutch says:

    hi purtek,

    i just found your blog tonight through your post in the salon comments re Seal Press.

    i would like to say that i really like what you’re writing and stuff. i really feel you, and appreciate that you are willing/able to talk about marginalized groups you aren’t a part of with respect and care. that’s really rare these days..

    also it’s doubly cool to hear a canadian perspective, as most of the blogs/people that i read are from the U.S. i’ve collected a few feminist books by canadian authors or about canadian stuff, and treasure them muchly. šŸ™‚

    i wish you had livejournal syndication, but i’m going to try keep reading you regardless.

  7. Tom says:

    purtek, I’m glad I found your blog. It’s nice here.

  8. Hello! I’ve been looking at your blog and I like a lot of what you have to say. I’m Rachel, from Edinburgh in Scotland. Feel free to have a look at my blog if you ever feel like some christian feminist chat.

  9. matttbastard says:

    I honestly don’t remember how I found you, but am glad I did.



  10. purtek says:

    Yeah, there’s a heart somewhere in that bastard soul of yours, Matthew. šŸ™‚

  11. matttbastard says:


    Shhh. Not so loud–you’ll ruin my gimmick.


  12. Caroline says:

    Found you through Amber Rhea. Great blog! Like the objectifying post ver much.

  13. Cathleen says:

    Hi there I just found you through The Jaded Hippy and I must say I really like that post about the hypocrisy of anti-sex work feminists and objectification. You just got yourself a new reader šŸ™‚

  14. Sarah J says:


    Found you through Caroline, and loved the “anti-sex-work feminism is objectifying” post so much that (you already saw) I wrote a whole post inspired by it.

    I too have problems with the idea of reclaiming words, sometimes. And you’re right on about “bitch” vs. “slut.” Slut erases the entire possibility of my agency and desires. And it’s such a mechanism of control–and it comes from both sides, right and left, male and female. I think I need to do more reading on the monster theme regarding the s-word.

  15. purtek says:

    Thanks Caroline, Cathleen and Sarah J…most welcome new readers, you are. I feel all hugged and stuff. šŸ™‚

    Sarah – forgot to mention this on your post, but have you heard of the book called “Slut”? It doesn’t really talk about reclaiming, but it talks a lot about the ways the word is used to marginalize and control certain women, and what the reaction tends to be.

  16. Mendacious D says:


    Got here by way of the epic Shakesville blogroll and a fondness for a certain Leonard Cohen song.

    This is good stuff to read, and plainly spoken. Do keep up the good work.

  17. purtek says:

    Hi, Mendacious D! That *is* quite the epic blogroll, though if anyone happening to scroll through it is inclined to clue in to the Leonard Cohen reference, they’re always welcome in my space. šŸ™‚

  18. I just wanted to leave some love for you here.



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